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Sunday TEA Time!

Time For Tea

Time For Tea

Yesterday afternoon, I had the opportunity to have a sit-down with a fellow Jacksonville Professional Photographer. W. James Hunter is a retired Navy Chief, Karateka, and Speaker, amongst other things. Most of us know him today as “MJ” of MJ Images Photography & Graphic Design.

It was a great 2 hours spent sharing conversation with the man, the myth, the legend. The conversation went all over the place from photography, to business, to Navy, and all points between.

One thing I think that we as photographers alienate one another, when we should be our greatest allies. Think of it, how many Toyota dealer’s or automobile dealers, personally attack each other? You may have the occasional one or two that may do so, but as an industry, it weakens the industry. Doctors and Lawyers do not do this, as much as they increase the value of THEIR practice.

I personally can not shoot two different events on the SAME day at the SAME time. I will often encourage clients to “shop around” based on quality and budget, more so than price. I have been known to refer clients and models to other photographers all over the Nation. From places such as Hampton, Virginia; Atlanta, Georgia; Orlando, Pensacola, and even right here in Jacksonville, Florida.

We should all make our net WORK, because in the end, its to the benefit of our clients!


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International Wedding, Portrait, and Fashion photographer based in Miramar, Florida. Also a Pilot and a LEAN technician.

One comment on “Sunday TEA Time!

  1. W James Hunter
    September 6, 2010

    It indeed was an honor to sit and talk.. looking froward to one of your networking events. I event had time to finish my editing project after we departed. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your time….. I will have my blog up by Wednesday….

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