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One of my main complaints against all photo bags is that they are too heavy. This tends to hold true with the high-quality bags in particular since the better made they are, the heavier they seem to get.

Enter the Think Tank Photo Airport 4-Sight. It’s unique in that it is the first camera bag (rolling type) with four wheels. This style of roller luggage has been around for a while, but I haven’t seen it deployed in a photo bag until now.

The entire point of the 4-Sight is to make it easier on the photographer to carry gear both through the innovation of a four-wheel roller and lighter materials.

The 4-Sight will hold a pro DSLR and four lenses with plenty of room for accessories. I have mine set up to hold two Olympus E-P3 bodies, with three lenses, a flash, accessories, memory cards, extra batteries and chargers…

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International Wedding, Portrait, and Fashion photographer based in Miramar, Florida. Also a Pilot and a LEAN technician.

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