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Model Monday. Tina: The makings of an L-Session.

Tina and the Cigar

The Beauty of a Boudoir

For those that know me, they know that I always love shooting new themes and new looks. I have been fortunate to have been able to work with GREAT models, and those models usually enjoy working with me over and over again. But when a model asks me to do one of my consumer shoots, I take that as a compliment, and not only am I more than thrilled but I am extremely humbled by their sincerity.

Tina Head shot

Tina Casually poses for the Camera

Orlando model Tina B. approached me last spring about doing a more intimate session, than one of her normal fashion or print shoots. I explained to her the boudoir session. Roughly translated, boudoir is a lady’s privacy or changing area. Boudoir and pin-up photographer used to be really popular as in the early 50’s and even into the 60’s. As something that was seen to be somewhat ‘taboo’ or “for his eyes only,” boudoir photography has now mad a resurgence in modern-day.

A boudoir session, recorded well, can be a great gift for a soon to be groom, the night before a wedding. To give him something to “look forward to.” Another occasion is possibly as a Valentine’s Day gift, or even, “JUST BECAUSE!” Maybe you would like to feel beautiful and sexy just for YOU!

As you can see, Tina made for a GREAT model. Fully at ease, she was able to produce some great looks. Everything from classic beauty fit for a Hollywood movie set, to the modern art of seduction, Tina shows how diverse a L-session can be.

Tina B on the bed

Classic beauty is always in style

Seductively sexy

Tina taking a seductive sip.


The little details also help set a certain mood.

Some tips for a great L-Session for your boudoir:

Hire a professional MUA. I cannot stress the importance of great makeup. Not only will you feel better and more confident, your photos will look amazing. Along with that, having your hair done just for this session is not a bad idea either. Tina’s hair and makeup was done by Makeup by Jilly out of Orlando, Florida.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes: Every great shoot starts with an awesome makeup artist and hair stylist.

Bring meaningful props to your session. An object may look great to me or someone else, but if there is no connection then the mood might get lost down the road. Maybe his old shirt, or the teddy bear that he gave you on the first date, something to signify meaning goes a long way.

Make sure your lingerie fits as well as possible. You are investing a considerable amount for a well done boudoir session, and no matter how great everything else, nothing feels worse than bad fitting underwear.

One last tip. Relax. Have fun. Hopefully there is a great connection and comfort between you and the photographer. This is your time to have that inner diva come on out. Enjoy the moment.


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  1. Carlos Miller
    August 7, 2012

    I love it!

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