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Fit to be Bow tied.

Daniel Craig as James Bond wearing a Bow Tie

There is something about the Bow Tie, that whether tied, or undone, always makes you feel classic and in control. Worthy of the 007 himself.

It’s nine fifteen and you are already 3 rounds into a heavyweight title bout with the alarm clock’s snooze button, when suddenly you realize, “Oh crap! I’m late!” You jump out of the bed, grab a quick shower, while shaving and brushing your teeth all at the same time. You slide on some khaki slacks, a nice white button-up shirt to go underneath your midnight blue cardigan sweater. The look is to be dressy, but not too formal, yet formal enough, to show that you belong there. Now all that you need is one thing to top it off. A tie, but what kind? For this isn’t a boardroom interview that you are going to, but a night on the town with your “Frat pack.” You know, your pals that you used to run with when you were in college, and now all of you are doing your own thing.  Scotty, he’s the CPA. Mike, he’s the regional manager of the largest grocery chain on the Coast. Jim was always the loose cannon, but landed himself a gig with ESPN, and then there is you, “Mr. Photographer.” So what shall I wear…..

I don’t know about you, but that is the situation that I often find myself in. I personally feel that fashion is not just about being “different” but is more about being you! Your personal style is probably the #1 visual cue that people take from you when they meet you, and when you leave their presence. Those who know me personally know that I love sweater vests, Kangols, and cufflinks. Small little details that speak volumes about a person. Especially if the person you meet also recognizes these same details.

So for the first time in a long time, in 2013 I’m adding something different to my style. The Bow Tie.

While the bow tie is by no stretch of the imagination new, its popularity is building once more. Heck, who knows, maybe the Ascot will come back in style. The one thing I love about bow ties is that like most neckties, the pattern and design is unique to the wearer. The interesting thing about the bow tie though, is that you are instantly placed in another category of personnel in the room. While James Bond wore many neckties, we always picture him in the tux.

The bow tie, adds a sense of formality when it’s tied, and still maintains its dignity untied. Even in chaos, a bow tie can make the wearer seem “in control”.

Alexander Ludwig

Up to your neck in a chaotic situation? The bow tie has the ability to make the wearer look cool, calm, and collective; and always in control.

So with that, today I ordered my FIRST bow tie. I am looking to become very proficient in tying it. In April I am planning on doing a personal shoot of myself with my new styling cues. Can’t wait to share. Until then, here is the inspiration.

Kangol, Bow Tie, and a plaid print add to the classic look of this shot.

Leighton DaCosta, Photographer


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4 comments on “Fit to be Bow tied.

  1. Misherald Brown
    January 21, 2013

    I love seeing a man in a bow tie… whether it’s with the perfect Windsor knot or whether it’s after a very long day and it’s hanging loosely around his neck… just gives me a I dunno what kind of feeling (been reading to many romance books probably ROFL)

  2. Reblogged this on Milverton Weddings by Leighton DaCosta, Photographer and commented:

    Those who know me, know that I love to have a somewhat formal look when I go out. I would rather be overdressed somewhere than underdressed. The one thing I like about a Bow tie is that it is probably as formal as it gets when tied, and about as relaxed as you can get when untied. Even with a standard necktie, I do not think you have that kind of versatility. So today I ordered my first self-tie bow tie. Hope it fits!

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