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“But Why Can’t I Have All the Photos From Our Shoot?…”

Beyonce - Concert in Barcelona in 2007

Beyoncé – Concert in Barcelona in 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








Solstice – Creative Entertainment. recently posted a Tumblr blog on just that same aspect. Showing probably one of the most beautiful and hottest acts in entertainment, Beyoncé, in her Super Bowl performance. While the expression and pose is probably not the best, her physique is undeniable. Unfortunately this was not a shoot for Muscle and Fitness. Whether it is a Fashion shoot, Boudoir L-session, or Wedding, the likelihood of getting a few shots that are not the most flattering will is still possible. Not only do photographers want to control what they release out on the market, but in reality, we only want you to see you how we saw you. The beauty, the essence, the allure of all that we saw. As a service your awesome photographer will take the time to actually go through and select the great shots of you, so you don’t have to ever see the ones that are NOT so flattering.




Muscular Beyonce

While the beautiful Beyoncé pays homage to Tina Turner during the 2013 Super Bowl Half Time Show, this image was captured. I would love to be ripped like that, but I think there were much better shots of her, and this should never have seen the light of day, but here it is. Think of that the next time you ask your photographer for ALL the shots right after a shoot.



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One comment on ““But Why Can’t I Have All the Photos From Our Shoot?…”

  1. Randall Nicole May
    February 11, 2013

    Kudos! This post shows exactly why aI phographer should never give a clients all of their pictures. No matter how to talented one may be it is impossible to take so many pictures and have every single 1 of them be perfect.

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